Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jif peanut butter

I finally came back to this old friend. Over the past years I have bought all the healthy versions of peanut butter. What they all had in common was "store in refrigerator after opening". COLD. ICK.

On Friday in 7:30 am yoga class we were discussing the problem of being hungry during class, but breakfast and 'downward facing dog' leads to indigestion.

One of the class members had a brilliant suggestion: a spoonful of peanut butter. I am sure she eats the natural, no added sugar type.

Today I needed a snack and decided to try the spoonful of peanut butter idea. I only had some healthy stuff in the fridge. Hmmmmm

I had to go to the grocery today and my old friend jumped into my cart. It was a difficult jump ......the jar was on the bottom shelf. Horrors! All the other shelves were filled with all natural, low sugar, part soy....... But I found my extra crunchy JIF.

Maybe Monday morning yoga will find me a little less hungry.
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