Monday, March 21, 2011


I discovered dingbats today.  I read a tutorial in PSE magazine again and decided to explore.  Dingbats are fonts that are drawings instead of letters.  I downloaded a whole bunch of free sets.  Then I made this border (I colored the dingbat just like you would a coloring book.  Fun.)

Do not know where the black background comes from. The background is actually transparent. Blogger put the black on it.

I just had to try it out in a scrapbook page. Since I have committed to rework the McLeod album pages, I used it on a new pic I was sent of my older cousins. voila.  Since this is a heritage photo, I desaturated the colors in the flower border.  I realize that the dingbat design is not heritage, but it is cute, and it IS a picture of children..............

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