Tuesday, March 01, 2011

End of February

February breathed its last yesterday.  It was windy all day, and bad storms last night (which missed us except for the rain).  Today is March 1 and it is gorgeous.  No wind.  No rain.  Which means this month is really gonna get us at the end.  Oh my.

Anyway, in attempt to become a better food blogger, I took photos of the dinner I made last night.

Phillipine Vinegar Chicken legs, rice, and wilted kale with garlic and balsamic.  Delicious.  I admit to forgetting the whole peppercorns and it tasted just fine, without having to pick out all those peppercorns while eating, so I recommend to omit that ingredient.  Just grind in more pepper.

Fresh strawberries, sprinkle with brown sugar and let it dissolve a bit.  Then for the aha finish....I opened a bar of dark chocolate and took out my garlic grater and grated some chocolate on top.  Oh my.
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