Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Watermelon musings

I finally made it to the farmer's market today and got a wedge of fresh watermelon.  It was so sweet!  Everytime I eat fresh watermelon I think about my mom.  She did not really like watermelon; she would eat a few bites of her slice's "heart" and push it aside.  She grew up with a watermelon patch and the kids would cut open a watermelon out in the field and eat the "heart" and move on.  At least she did.  Her brothers might have finished them off, being boys with appetites and all.

My Dad grew up on a farm, not sure if they grew watermelons;  he put salt on his.  I always thought that odd, too, but I now put pepper on mine!!!  And sometimes salt.

I am into digiscrapping now and was inspired to make this page:

And, yes, I know you cannot read the journaling on the page, that is why I told you the story!! 
Also, I made the elements on the pages....wheee!  I use freebie clip art and then turn them into embellishments in PS2.  It took me weeks to learn to do this. I use MemoryMixer to make my digipages.
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