Sunday, August 08, 2010

Glammed Up Egg and Toast

Toast and egg is a basic, simple breakfast. And if you don't actually like eggs first thing in the morning, impossible to eat.

The photo on the right looks like weird shaped waffles, right? Wrong. It is (artisinal) bread, dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and cooked in a waffle iron. Ha.

Healthier than waffles, because those two slices of bread are coated in one whole egg. Healthier than french toast, because no oil or butter was used to fry the toast. And even the syrup (added after the photo was taken) is a small amount because I bought the new Log Cabin with cane sugar and it is thick enough to not glug all over your plate.

The blueberries and peaches take it up another notch, of course.

So, get out your bread of choice, whisk up an egg with milk (and flavored coffee creamer), preheat your waffle iron, soak the bread in the egg mixture and cook it on the hot iron. Voila!
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