Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iceberg Goes Uptown

Remember when the only lettuce available for salads at home was iceberg? Then romaine, microgreens, baby lettuce, etc stormed the market and iceberg sat somewhere in the produce section, lonely and overlooked.
Steak houses, looking for something "new", brought out "the wedge".....a huge plate of calories.  A wedge of iceberg covered with blue cheese dressing, bacon bits, diced tomatoes.....a meal in itself.
Frankly, a wedge is too hard to eat.  But I did not want to go back to the chopped up iceberg presentation of my childhood and early marriage. 
Enter my "best friend"...the mandoline.  I love the lettuce at Subway...and you know how it gets that way...shredded.  So I decided to shred my head of iceberg.  It makes it a lot easier to eat, although I do miss the "crunch" that iceberg is famous for.
So whether or not this salad is as good as chopped iceberg or a "wedge", it surely is fancy.  It would be easier to eat on a taco, too.
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