Sunday, November 25, 2012


What do you do when you are told to use 12 paper strips, a multiple opening frame, one photo in one opening, and blend another supporting photo into the background?  Here is what came from those instructions:

 Layout too small to read the journaling?  Double click on it and the LO should fill your screen.

I don't always follow instructions properly and misinterpreted one of the instructions, as usual.  I did blend the photo of myself into the background, but had it in the bottom left photo opening, which made no sense to me at the time.  Then when I peeked at the other scrappers' layouts, I realized my erroneous assumption.  Duh. So I simply reduced the saturation on the offending photo and made it a bit bigger.  Would have never thought to do it this way in just doing a layout on my own, but I do really like the effect of where it is, kind of on top of the plane.

I tend to do everything backwards....I have a sort of idea of my layout results and work backwards to attain it.  Exactly opposite of what I have to do in following a formula. 

The other scrappers did a fabulous job on their layouts.  You can see them all here in the SpeedScrap thread #15 at Hummie's World

And here is what our lovely Chiara had to say about all the layouts posted.  She summed them up perfectly:
".. Every single layout had something original and unique, so inspiring! For example the frame tilted, or the "secondary" photo blended on the focal-point-photo, the curved-at-the-end filmstrip, the circle photoframe, the very-big-photo blended on the paper, the paper strips with "adorable blessings"...I know I forgot something here, but all did amazing pages with the speed crop ^__^"

Join in the activities at Hummie's World and join us for the next speed scrap.  
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