Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Feedburner ???

I put the RSS button on my blog long ago.  I click on RSS feed button on blogs I want to follow.  Not really understanding it all.  I have GoogleFriends join button on my blog, too.  But then I read that GoogleFriends was defunct.  But all your  GoogleFriends blogs appear somewhere else now.  There are so many sources to follow blogs. I like to read the blogs I follow from my iPad so I need apps.   I like Flipboard, but can't always get a blog I follow onto it.  Yesterday I downloaded an app for feedburner. Now I read this interesting blog post from Hummie's World about Feedburner going away.  What will replace it?  Everything is becoming one big merry go round for me.  Things move too fast and one thing merges into another. I also have the subscribe to this post through email on my blog.  Feedburner manages that.  It is everywhere. 

I am sure I am not the only casual blogger out here in the blogosphere who barely understands all this. 

I learn a lot of things, not just about digitalscrapbooking on PSE at Hummie's World.  Here is her comments on Feedburner: November 5 Blog Post.  I found it very interesting.  Even if you are not a digiscrapper, you would enjoy getting her blog in your mailbox.  She blogs about a lot of interesting things. 
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