Sunday, June 03, 2012

New Gallery

I am doing a tiny revision of this blog. Awhile back I changed the  blog name to NanScraps, even if the URL has to remain the same.  And now, since focus is primarily on my digi layouts, I have removed the old unused page links at the top and added a new one called Gallery.

Currently I have my layouts stored on my computer, in my pictures file on my iPad, and in various galleries on the internet as well as in flickr.  I want them all in one place.  I love to go through them on occasion; each page is pretty unique....I don't like to make anything twice (that craft sale in the 1970's drove me crazy having to make more than one of everything...).

So if any digiscrappers happen upon my blog, please feel free to browse my gallery for inspiration and scraplifting.  If you do scraplift, I would love a link to what you did so then I can scraplift YOURS.

The gallery will grow slowly.  I have layouts scattered all over my hard drive and any that are not websized have to be converted, so this gallery will be an ongoing project.  And the layouts will be in no particular order.  Anyone who knows me is aware that I am not a linear minded person.
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