Monday, June 11, 2012

It's a Girl Thing

Spring is the time for Dance Recitals.  I recently ushered at our performing art center for the YMCA Dance Recital.  Oh, the memories!  I took 7 years of dance lessons in the fifties, tap, ballet, toe, and modern jazz.  I loved the tap class.  The rest not so much.

Flash forward to the late eighties, early nineties.  My daughter, Jenni, took tap and ballet lessons.  And I attended an adult tap class at the same studio.  We were both in the recital for two years!  Then we moved to Germany and dance classes were difficult to find....we found one that lasted 6 months and another that lasted about 3 months.  Upon moving back to Charlotte, she was able to take classes (and recitals) for two years, then she lost interest since she had to do competitive dance by 6th grade.

So, here are two generations of little girls in dance costumes.  Wonder if my almost-here granddaughter out in Texas will be in a tutu in a few years?  They can start at about 2 years old, you know!

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