Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Explosion

I have often written about my brilliant daughter (hey, can’t a mother brag?) and here is another post about her accomplishments.  She started a blog about six weeks ago and it has exploded.  Tweets, likes, etc.  She writes really well (and, no I am not biased on this statement….she got the only A ever given by a really difficult English Comp teacher in high school who would tell each class at beginning of year that she did NOT EVER give out A’s…..)

But back to her Blog.  As a sporadic blogger for years, I can really appreciate the work she is putting into this; I never have put anything near that effort into mine.

So, back to the purpose of this post on my blog.  You know I mostly post digital layouts now and even changed the name on the header of my blog to NanScraps.  So, indeed, this is a layout posting.
I do random challenges on several Digiscrap sites.  Recently I joined OScraps, which is a very artsy type of blog.  This months web challenge was a photo the challenger found online of building blocks.

 Jenni is building a blog, these are building blocks, so that is where my thoughts went and this is my LO:building-a-blog
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