Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tossing Out Stuff is Hard

Larry is painting the guest room closet and has completely emptied it.  I have to decide what goes back in and what is tossed.  The problem is, this is my craft closet.  I have been sorting and tossing stuff in that closet ever since I became immersed in digital scrapbooking, since I don't need that stuff for digi.  But there is a LOT left.

My first urge is to toss it ALL.  However, I know myself too well and in a couple of years I will not be an engrossed in digi scrap and will cycle back through my other crafty loves.  (I tend to run in 5 year cycles, so I have 4 to go).  Will I be sorry to have tossed some of this stuff?  Yes is the answer.

But, that is not actually the point of this blog entry.  Tossing stuff out is hard because I just KNOW I can find a way to repurpose so many things.  Or recycle, if you will.

I was going through the huge container of buttons I inherited from my mom, that she inherited from hers.  Mom made all her clothing and mine for years and years and buttons were her favorite part.  She kept them all.  And I mean all.  I have hundreds of white buttons, just to scratch the surface.  But again, those buttons are for another post.

In among the buttons was a bag of miscellaneous jewelry.  My old charm bracelet, but just three charms...will see if it is real gold and sell it.  Some Civitan pins mom collected....I tossed those.  However, there was a pendant that I have had in my hand to toss many, many times.  It had ended up in this bag due to my indecision.  Again, I could not bring myself to toss it.

I looked at it more closely and the cameo part was chipped.  I picked at the chip and it turns out that the "cameo" was a white china type thing that had been painted with pearly paint.  So I finished flaking it off, gave it a good wash and suddenly had a brilliant "repurposing idea".

I have a cross-body crochet purse that I probably found at Good Will.  Look what I did:  Stylish plus a memory intact.

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