Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Buying Fish

An upscale fresh fish store opened in South Charlotte this past year called Fresh Catch.  I had read a lot about it but never stopped in to see what they had.  It is all fresh, never frozen, and arrives by plane from all over the world.  I finally stopped in today.

I am used to going along with the guys to Buddy's Seafood in Panama City, FL, and pointing out what I want and am familiar with the gulf offerings.  This shop was a whole 'nother ballgame, however.  The nice man took me on a quick tour through the offerings and it went in one ear and flew out the other.  There were gorgeous slabs of fish ready for portions to be cut, plus whole fresh fish, some of them really big. labels and no prices.  When there are no prices, it means you should not be worried about the cost.  Ha.

I was overwhelmed with my lack of knowledge, as well as the prices he quoted (I never really pay attention to the prices at Buddy's....we are on vacation after all, and it is gonna be cheaper than a restaurant, whatever we buy).  However, I did not want to leave without buying something, after all I had to find something to cook for dinner.  So I bought one fillet of Sunfish (looks exactly like tilapia).  It is raised in ocean pens off the coast of Hawaii.  $10 a pound.

I brought it home and seasoned it and grilled it off quickly on my electric griddle.  It was good, but I honestly like Harris Teeter's thawed from frozen tilapia in their fish counter better.  Thank goodness; it is a lot cheaper and the store is closer!

Next time I go I will take Larry with me.  He would have swooned at the fresh "log" of tuna they had.  And the fresh wild salmon looked pretty good to me, too............
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