Monday, August 08, 2011

King's Kitchen

Had a nice outing today with a group from Harris YMCA. We rode the Lynx train uptown and walked to King's Kitchen. One of my very old friends happened be in the group, which made the day even better. The restaurant is famous for their pan fried chicken, and justly so. Best I have had since my mom's. Now if they could just fry it in melted Criscoe instead of healthy oil...........

King's Kitchen description from their web site. "We’re a not for profit restaurant serving up southern cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients from right here in our community. And the proceeds go back to the community, helping to feed those in need. So, come on in. Because when you dine, the whole community thrives.

The restaurant is beautiful and at Monday lunch was absolutely packed. For $9 I got a fried leg and thigh, creamed corn, green beans, and stewed squash. You choose your meat and then get three vegetables from a list. Or you can skip the meat and get four vegetables.

A wonderful concept; you get to eat wonderful food and at the same time give back to the community.

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