Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sauteed Trout & Cauliflower Rice

I love trout, especially the whole blue trout we used to get at restaurants in Germany, but that is another post.

Harris Teeter put trout fillets on special this week; usually they sell whole dressed trout complete with head. Now, I have no problem with a whole sauteed trout on my plate if someone else cooked it, just not ready to do that myself (am working on that, since the bones give the fish more flavor), so I decided to buy the fillets.

I seasoned the fish with olive oil and Greek seasoning and let them come to pretty much room temperature. Sauteed them in butter skin side up until they began to brown, then flipped them skin side down and added diced baby portabello mushrooms and let it all simmer together. At the last minute I stirred in fresh parsley.

For the side dish I make Cauliflower Rice and stirred in some shredded swiss chard. A restaurant-worthy meal.
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