Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chicken and Dumplings

Celebrated Valentine's Day last night with dinner and a show. We ate at Liberty's, a new upscale pub. I had eaten there a couple of weeks ago, and got the same entree. Roasted Springer Mountain Farms chicken with gnocchi made with ricotta, served with a pan sauce with vegetables...."upscale chicken and dumplings". The gnocchi, enriched with ricotta cheese, are creamy and flavorful, a great improvement over regular gnocchi. The serving is a half chicken, but the chicken is quite small, making it extremely tasty. And I have leftovers!

I said dinner and a show. Every winter a local radio celebrity, Mike Collins, and his theatrical cohorts write and perform a musical, called Charlotte Squawks. Nothing is sacred; they address all the local and national scandals and write appropriate lyrics to well-known tunes. You laugh until your sides hurt. The old stand-by "its gonna snow, close the schools and rush to the store for eggs, bread and milk" was extremely appropriate. Of course most of the the 3" of snow we got on Friday night has melted under Carolina blue skies and warm temperatures all day Saturday..
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