Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally, a Decent Frozen Dinner

Recently I was trolling the frozen food aisle while tired and hungry. Hubby was not home for dinner and those photographs on the frozen entrees looked really enticing. Now, I rarely buy these because I KNOW they generally contain six cubes of processed chicken cubes that are mushy, 5 carrot cubes and maybe six green peas, lots of overcooked rice and noodles and a lake of sauce. I am not sure how manufacturers can call them frozen "dinners". But, like I said, I was tired and hungry and did not want to cook myself a dinner.....

Anyway, I bought three dinners, three different brands. The first one I heated up was an asian dish in an adorable chinese takeout shaped container. When I dumped it onto my plate, it looked like a faded version of the photo. The sauce WAS good, so I quickly stir-fried some extra vegetables and had a fairly decent meal while realizing I could have stir-fried an original meal cheaper and tastier. The only real complaint I had was that the rice was mushy and there could have been more vegetables, but I prefer vegetables to meat and I also prefer steamed basmati rice. Are you beginning to see why frozen dinners just don't work for me?

The next meal I tried was Kashi brand, the most expensive of the lot. It looked as good as the photo and tasted wonderful. Of course it was vegetarian and the processed chicken cubes were avoided. Also, instead of rice they used chewy grains, so I avoided the mushiness. When I am perusing the frozen food aisle, the price of this brand makes me wince, but the very affordable brands, usually on sale, don't measure up for me. You get what you pay for in frozen foods, as well as everything else.

It looks just about the same as the photo, congratulations, Kashi!

And, what did I do with the final frozen dinner, you ask? Well, I was out for dinner one night and so hubby got that one! He said it was decent.........
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