Thursday, July 26, 2012

CT for Lee Benkers Designs

I am so excited to announce that I am now on Lee Benkers Designs Creative Team.  She is a digital designer that sells her kits at Hummies World and recently put out a call for CTs.  So here we are!

I am not sure how many digital scrapbookers follow my blog, but I know a lot of my followers just read my blog because they know me and I tell them to read it!  So for them I will explain what on earth a CT is.

CT stands for Creative Team. Lee is a new designer and I am the first member of the team.  Which is great because I hate to arrive late for anything!

Why do designers need a Creative Team?  So you can see beautiful digital scrapbook pages made with their kits and then go buy them so you can make your own pages.  They need this visual ooomph because in the store their kit looks like this:

Wow, that is pretty, but it is also a bit of a jumble.  How do you decide if you want to buy it?  Do you like the colors?  The theme? Do you spot specific elements that you just have to have?  To help you decide, the designer puts "samples" on the store gallery page.  And all of us love samples.  And with digi samples you get cool ideas to "scraplift".

For this kit, Lee made several sample pages that I do plan to scraplift!  I also made four pages for her.  She only asked for one, but I never do anything halfway and, besides, I am the only team member so far.  And I loved the kit.  And I have lots of loose old pics laying around I need to have a "spark" to scrap.  So here are my four:

As you can see, each one is quite different, and each one uses different elements and papers from her kits.  I still have not mastered the art of clustering lots of items, so I wanted to make sure all the lovely items in the kit were seen, and that seemed to take four pages for my style of scrapbooking.  The string of pearls that frames The Elegant Fifties was hard for me to think of a use, but I loved the white flower and I suddenly remembered this old print of a formal photography session that my parents had done of me, and a really nice page was born!

Each month look for Lee's latest kit on my blog and my take on it.

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