Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alaska Memories Begin

The Alaska trip is over, the photos are uploaded, the memories fresh.  Sounds like time to make my photo book/journal!  I plan to make one "artsy" one with my stories and a second one that is simply the best photos in collages.  Best of both worlds and keep everybody (hubby) happy.

As noted in my last post, we began our adventure in Vancouver, BC.  It is a city of steel and glass, historic district, and China Town.  An hour's walk will indeed take you back in time.

In our walking forays into the part of the city nearest the port, I noticed two types of people: those older members of the population killing time waiting for their particular cruise ship to board (us) and the young 20 and 30-somethings trendily dressed, texting, talking into their mobiles, earbuds securely in place, rushing along the sidewalk... smoking.  All kinds of people, dressed in all kinds of trends.  Very melting pot, very European. We could have been back on the main shopping street of Frankfurt, Germany.

So......time to start those pages.  Today I chose these two photos:

The view from our hotel room:
 The famous Water Street corner with the steam powered clock: 

A little digi magic:

I took the cityscape photo and used the new action in Picasa to turn it into a b&w sketch.  I added the photo of the historic district and put two grungy edges over it to set it apart a bit.   The alpha is Basic Black by chelle creations and I added a clear glass action to it.  (steel and glass.....get it?).  The grungy stuff in upper left is from the kit Time Flies by Kokon.

It is a start.  And it took me way too long.  I need to get my mojo in gear!
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