Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Whale Playing

One of our excursions was on a boat to look for whales.  These guides know the whales by name in the bay and pretty much know where they are.  And the guides are all connected by radio to let each other know of a sighting.

We saw a few full grown whales and got some nice photos.  More on those in another post.  Today I have a story about a baby whale.

This little whale put on quite a show for us.  Five whale watching boats ended up in a big circle around it and he absolutely knew we were there.  Cameras were clicking and everybody was laughing and clapping.  After about 20 minutes, all the boats had to head back to the dock and Little Whale was not happy.  He started pounding the water with his tail, just like a kid having a tantrum.  It was hilarious.

After I finished my layout, I decided to play with my Ice Pop action from Coffeeshop. Maybe even a better look.

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