Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not a typo....this is not Mac and Cheese.  It is Mac and Squash (or pumpkin, or sweet potato).  What do the three veg's have in common....they are all orange; what color is cheddar  Get my drift?

I found this recipe in the Charlotte Observer and just had to try it.  It looked very questionable in print.  And I was absolutely not going to buy a pumpkin or a butternut squash and puree it.  Then, I found this on the grocery shelf.

This version of mac and cheese is seriously good.  It is also a good way to hide your vegetables.  I don't actually like butternut squash, but adore this.  I garnished mine with fresh basil.  I also used whole grain macaroni. I did not mix the prosciutto into the dish, but used it as a topping.
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