Sunday, October 03, 2010

Angel Food Cake

Remember angel food cake, before supermarkets stocked it in those awful cellophane packages? I now tend to think of it as the tasteless cardboard we ate back when everybody got scared of the cholesterol in egg yolks in real cakes. However, I had some real angel food cake this past week and oh my...........

I got to tour Johnston and Wales University cooking school this week (another post is coming about that). Afterwards we ate at the student cafeteria, run by Compass Group. The food was basic college food, wraps, taco bar, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, all made fresh and delicious.

Then there was the dessert station...........I spotted the slices of angel food cake and would have skipped it, but it had a citrus syrup on the bottom. Oh my, oh my.....I remembered just how good homemade angel food cake was in my youth. I'll never consider actually making it, but it was so nice to remember why it was called Angel...........Food.

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