Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Easter Past

I just love this kit by Leaving a Legacy Designs and plan to use it for my "vintage" Easter layouts of my kids when they were small.  Here is the first layout, showing Bunny Long Legs that I made for the kids.  The blue one for Jason eventually lost his appendages and has been gone for years.  Jenni's pink one hung around forever and finally was donated to GoodWill.  Jason was not so much keen on his...he preferred his candy.  Jenni loved hers and dragged it around for awhile.

You can get the kit I used here  If you are reading this the evening I wrote it, you can grab the kit for $2.  It goes back up to regular price tomorrow.  (the grass is just from my scrapbooking stash, the rest is the kit, the title word art was made by me in MS Word )

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