Thursday, September 29, 2011

Or Maybe Erase

I am still building pages to use in Jenni's wedding scrapbook.  I have so many beautiful freebies, including a brag book with lovely pages, but only a jpeg file and the wrong shape.  Here it is, Faded Memories from Rasberry Designs:
as you can see, it is rectangular and I need it to be square.  If I make it square as is, I have a gap at the bottom.  I could fill the gap in with another paper and some divider borders, but I have to make it hard on myself.  So I erase that background and have the frame, word art, and tag now in a set to put on a new, square background.  That little bit of errant pixels blend okay into my new background.
so here is my page:
The papers are blends and color changes of some free papers I got online.  I did put another flower I liked better on top of the bow, which I see has lost a loop.  Oops.  I also added a clear heart button and a bow, as well as wrapped a ribbon around the edge of the frame.  See what you can do with a little mouse-work when you have a lovely design to start with?

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