Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutting Up

Digitally, that is.  I took this lovely cluster I downloaded for free from VerenaDesigns Moms Day collection. (for once I have a record of where I got the freebie.....) I did recolor the flower from red.

This "cluster" would make a beautiful solo element on the page.  I love premade clusters because I cannot seem to put more than three elements together and clusters are simply beyond me.

But.....I can take the basic cluster and have some fun with it.  I have learned to recolor and erase and just this week I saw a tutorial showing me how to cut up clusters and layouts and backgrounds......and do stunning things with them.  So, I cut this cluster frame in half and this is what I ended up with.

Other things I did:  I duplicated the flower and used it in a grouping at the bottom with a generic leaf I have in my computer files. I found something that looked like a cluster of pearls that I managed to change to a color I liked and beveled and shadowed it....needed to fill in a blank area.   I did magical stuff with various papers, using masks, erasers, hue and brightness sliders till I got something that suited me.  Took about two hours.  I inserted two black and white photos of Jenni at her wedding, taken by my magician nephew and wedding photographer, Patrick.  Alas, he is now a corporate photographer and you have to be a family member to talk him into doing a wedding.

So follow my lead and start cutting up your
digital elements and spinning them around the page!
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