Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Funny New Family Story/Adventure

I just had to write about our recent hilarious experience at Waffle House.  I will not even tell you which Waffle House, because the incident was an aberration.

We love Waffle House when we need a quick meal late.  My fav is the grilled cheese sandwich, which is not on the menu.  I did not ask for that this time, and, as you will see, it was a good thing.

There were six of us, 4 at one table, me and hubby at adjoining one.  It was about 9:00.  We chose Waffle House since most restaurants in the area were closed and we needed a quick, tasty meal.  We all ordered.  We waited 1/2 an hour while food slowly was distributed to everybody else in the restaurant.  Usually you are in and out in 1/2 hour.  Ha.

Finally the first four got their meals; almost.  The grilled chicken sandwich only contained lettuce and tomato.  No meat.  So it went back.  The BLT was done on white instead of whole wheat....I had also ordered that and had a sudden feeling I had better grab it as it was going back to the kitchen.  Good plan.

I slowly ate my sandwich, trying to wait for hubby to get his bacon patty melt.  The waitress kept telling him it was on the way.  I was watching the sloooooow cooks behind the counter.  Finally I noticed the cook was cleaning the grill.  Still no sandwich.  The waitress first apologized and said it was on the way, and she would comp it.  Still no sandwich.  Finally, after a full hour at the restaurant, hubby got a BLT.  No kidding.

At one point the cooks walked out for a smoke break.........just stopped cooking altogether.

When we left, the waitress, who was attentive and pleasant even if she rarely delivered food, did not know how to use the register and nobody would help her, so she just charged the 6 of us $16.  No kidding.

By the way, what food we managed to get was good.  And the next day we discovered if we had turned right at the next intersection there were dozens of places that would have still been open. #strange city #dark #late #fail.

Don't let this tale keep you from Waffle House.  We had nowhere else to be but back at the hotel, and actually found the whole incident quite funny.  A family story to tell, indeed.

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