Friday, August 24, 2012

Organizing Solved

I just got Windows 7 and it will not allow my file of digis to be open beside PSE.  I pull in a flower to PSE and when I click in PSE window to place the flower, the digi file disappears to the tray and I have to pull it up again.  Frustrating.
I recently read an article on The Daily Digi by Katie the Scrapbook Lady (I think that is right) and she makes a tiff drag sheet of a kit.  Then she can split the individual pieces up into general files. I am doing this and it is great.  I have the layered, or tiff, file open in PSE and can see everything all at once. 
Now, making this drag sheet was not the easiest thing at first; I have tried several different workflows and finally had an ‘aha’ moment and this is how I do it:
a.  open the elements folder of a kit, do CTRL A and drag them all into the PSE workspace, including the preview.
b. open a new file and make it 12”x12” and name it” Kit name_elements”  and save it as a layered file
c. drag the preview onto the new file and drag it to fill the page.
d. from the tray, drag each element onto the new file and place (and size) it over the preview.
e. do the papers the same way, pulling each onto a new file named kit papers.  Once they are all placed in the file, drag them individually so that a sliver of each shows.
f.  now you can save these two tiff files in the kit folder.  You can leave the individual files in the folder, delete them, or drag each one to general files, such as flowers, papers, frames.
g.  now you have two options:  make a page entirely from a kit or troll through your general files and build a LO with what strikes your fancy. 
charming cardstock copycharming elements
you can find this kit here.
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