Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip East

We were living in Oberursel, W. Germany, when it actually became Oberursel, Germany and the streets filled with Trabats, which went at about the speed of a lawnmower.  It was quite an experience.  One day we took a short trip to the closest picturesque town over the former border.  This is Jenni posing in front of a rather opulent building.  What the photo does not show is that the town was literally frozen in time.  The display windows of the stores looked like they would have in the fifties.....a wide window sill with items arranged along the surface.  No neon, no flasing signs, no modernity.  Very peaceful, actually.

And to show you the magic of digital scrapbooking layers, this was my first interpretation of this photo.  When I went to print it off today, it made my eyes hurt.  I really like muted colors and grunge. I did this for a web challenge and I was given a kit to use and when I grabbed for a photo, this one of Jenni caught my eye; her outfit does match the pink and purple.  But the redo will fit in my album better.

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