Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Roughing It

Here is the journaling:

If you wanted to see really see the
beauty of Iceland, you had to camp.  In
the 70’s there were no hotels out in
the wilderness where the beauty was
and we could not have afforded them

We bought a tent, a lantern, a Coleman
Stove, some eating utensils, and two
sleeping bags. and camped anywhere we
wanted to, always near water.  The water
was so pure, you just dipped your cup into
the stream.

The roads were not paved and mostly not marked.  You got a map and headed out.  Sometimes there would be other campers, sometimes you were
alone, except for some grazing sheep and the intense quiet.  We took all our food with us; the only food available “on the road” were lambdogs at
infrequent gas stations.  And for certain necessities, you stopped the car and went behind a rock.

The biggest camping trip we undertook was with two other families.  We headed to the far north of the island: Akureyri.  There were trees there,
something we never saw in the south.  It was actually the National Forest.  Beautiful.

I have not gone camping since Iceland.  Which is a very good thing, but the experiences of those trips remain in our memories forever.
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