Monday, December 05, 2011

Roasted Veggies +

I love roasted vegetables.  They are sweeter when roasted, they are healthy, their vitamins have not been diluted by water, and they cook by themselves.  Tonight I put my entire dinner in a 400 degree oven and 40 minutes later it was amazing!

I had a piece of steel head trout that was on special at the grocery.  It is a member of the salmon family, but I think it tastes better.  I rubbed it with olive oil and ground some of Trader Joes' Everyday Seasoning on top.  Into the oven.

Then I cut sweet potato "fries", tossed them in olive oil, salt, and coriander (my new fav) and into the oven they went.  The same with nice, fat asparagus spears.

When everything was nice and roasted and removed from the oven, I sprinkled demerara sugar over the hot sweet potato wedges.  I poured a tablespoon on white balsamic vinegar onto the foil lining of the asparagus and tossed the vegetable around in it for a little zing.

So sugar and vinegar were my + tonight.  It is also known as "umami".  At least my version of it.  Try it, you will be pleased.
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