Sunday, December 04, 2011

Digital Procrastination

I have reached the point in the digital designs gifts I am making that the designing part (fun part) is over and I have to actually make the hybrid part.  I have ordered the gift books I made and they have been delivered.  Those projects are easy, somebody else actually turns them into books. What I really hate is when the end product is something that I have to make from the digital files saved on my computer.  I am at that point on two projects.

So I took a little escape today in the digiworld.  I love to scroll through all the kits and minikits on my computer, choose one, and make a quick page.  This is created from a free minikit called Whimsy by Designs by JMDT.  It was mostly pink, but I was in the mood for the peach so I changed the frame color.

I have been working on randomly (as usual) scanning photos from various boxes, and on my hard drive I had this cute picture of my daughter when we were living in Germany.  I desaturated it a bit so it would go with the subtle tones of the page.  

(This little exercise is called digital procrastination!!!)
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