Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coon Dog Cemetery

I am reading a book called Spirit of the Rod by Rick L. Huffman.  Early on he mentions the Coon Dog Cemetery in Alabama.  So I went to Google and was fascinated.  I took this description from the web site.  Then I had to make this layout.

In a small, grassy meadow, deep in the rich, thick wilderness of Freedom Hills, Alabama, Key Underwood sadly buried his faithful coondog, Troop. They had hunted together for more than 15 years. The burial spot was a popular hunting camp where coon hunters from miles around gathered. Other hunters started doing the same when their favorite coon dogs died. Today more than 185 coon dogs from all across the United States are buried in this spot in Northwest Alabama.   The "Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard," has became a popular tourist attraction and is the only cemetery of its kind in the world.

Coon dogs are hunting dogs with keen noses..  They are descended from fox hounds, traditionally used for fox hunting in England.

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