Monday, January 12, 2015


I have been recycling glass to use for leftovers, yogurt containers for rubberbands and acrylic paint palettes, picture frames from Goodwill for my own art.  Recycling is a way of life anymore.  Why not take that a step further and recycle digital scrapbook pages?  If they are saved in layers, it is so easy.  I heard one digi scrapper say there is no point in inventing the wheel over and over.

Creating brand new digital pages is fun and exciting, but time consuming and can be overwhelming.  After over 5 years of collecting digi supplies, my choices are just too much and I am sure lots of really amazing goodies are completely buried in my computer files, no matter how I try to organize them.

Today, after sitting at my computer and shuffling files around, I randomly opened a 2013 folder of my layered layouts.  One caught my eye, so I opened it and replaced the photo.  Tweaked and added a new title and had a brand new layout for the 2014 book with a photo of Griff and Ella that is precious and now remembered.

So, even if you are not feeling very creative (me), you can go back and reuse the brilliant layouts you might have made in the past.  Just remember....always save a layered copy or this will NOT work.

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