Saturday, December 20, 2014

NanScraps is Back (hopefully)

We packed up and moved 1 1/2 years ago from Charlotte, NC, to the Lake Oconee area in Georgia.  We built a house.  We decorated a house.  Digiscrapping fell by the wayside.  When I did sit down to do digi, I loved it, but then something else called for my attention (decorating those bare walls, for one!).  
Upon analyzing the issue, I realized that I do creative things in 5 year increments and when I have exhausted all the learning opportunities, I simply moved on:  I quilted for 5 years and made many, many quilts, most of which I did not like when finished.  I moved on to quilted tote bags and in the process rediscovered knitting by knitting small wristlet pouches.  I knitted obsessively, again for about five years, learning as much as possible and collecting yarn.  Once I learned to knit socks, my learning journey was over and everyone was tired of shawls!  
When we moved, I gave away boxes of fabric and yarn.  The past was the past.  (now I want some of that fabric back......)
I had begun blogging about quilting, then knitting, thrown in a bit of cooking.  I decided to figure out how other bloggers made their blogs so pretty and inadvertently discovered the world of Digi, and I was on my way again.....for another five year odyssey.
When we were building the house, I realized the fascination had gone out of digiscrap, but I had no other creative initiative I wanted to explore.  I used digi to make things for the walls of my new house and spent hours on Pinterest and reading tutorials.  I kept on Digiscrapping out of duty to my extended family who expected those cool scrapbooks each year recording the grandchildren's exploits.  
I need to fix this.  I miss the joy of  creating.  I miss clapping my hands when the magic appears on the screen in Photoshop Elements.  So I am going to go backwards.  I am going to stop thinking about those annual photobooks and making them a surprise.  I am going to make myself happy and not do a lot of planning and organizing...both things kill my creativity.
So this year, when a photo is posted online, I will scrap that pic and have fun. I will email the family member a copy to enjoy at that moment, or post on FB and Intagram for all my friends to enjoy. At the beginning of 2016 I will sit down and task myself with making books of the past year. I will not fret if I do not have facing pages that coordinate.  I will simply summarize the year. 
 And since, I do love to write, even if nobody reads it, I WILL blog again.  So hold me to it!

Now THIS kind of thing is FUN.  Turning humdrum into WOW!

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