Saturday, June 08, 2013

Ladybug Word Art

 I am packing up to move and found a box of quilt squares in a box under a bed.  These are quilt squares that I either made, or were given to me in a "internet block swap" back when I was quilting obsessed.  (now I am digi obsessed).

I called a friend of mine who heads the charity quilt part of the Charlotte Quilter's Guild and told her I had a box of quilt squares for her.  The ladies on her committee can use these to help start a quilt for the sweet babies in the hospital.  Or use them themselves.

I sorted through the squares quickly and saw some potential for digi design here and there, so spent the afternoon with the scanner and the digital eraser and brush.  From time to time I will put something up on my blog for you to download and use in your pages.  Please only personal use.

Download here

I scanned a quilt square with a fabric that had this design repeated over and over.  Extracted one and spent a good deal of time erasing pixels, then adding pixels back to the words.  I hope you find a use for this sweet wordart design.  Hey, it surely beats packing out the kitchen, which is what I am supposed to be doing!

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