Thursday, April 26, 2012


It is an icky, drizzly day.  This was my volunteer day at my friend’s school….I prepare art projects for the kids…cutting and tracing, etc.  I decided to go tomorrow.  Am working on ruffles for the curtains for Jason’s little girl’s room-to-be and thinking about my blog.  I made two very bright layouts a couple of days ago and thought they would be just the thing to post on such a dreary day.
Several years ago we went to a hot air balloon festival in Callaway Gardens, near Atlanta.  Took a lot of pics and saved a few.  Since hot air balloon pics are a dime a dozen on the internet, I decided to do something a little more interesting with them.
This one has photos of the Energizer Bunny balloon inflating.  Connie Prince Best Days of Your Life, journal card by Sissy Sparrows, square stitching box by Tangie

This one has photos of a generic balloon inflating, but it was the best of the best photos we took that day. I made these pages by creating giant text titles and then clipping the photos to them.  up up and away
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