Sunday, January 21, 2018


My favorite layouts are minimal design, interesting photos, doodly things, stamps. I am not into flowers, bows, ribbons, and ither traditionsl items, even if they are digital. Here are some of my recent favorites, using ohotos from our Med Cruise last spring

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Aahhh, Tuscany

We started our trip with two nights in Tuscany. A small group of us, organized by Go Next tours. Our tour organizer, Michael, was brilliant and most patient. He had asked a friend of his to be the tour guide. This guy does this for a hobby abd was brilliant. He knew endless facts and stories about the places we visited and arranged a lovely wine dinner at a little Relais with the most delicious roast chicken. Not to mention the wine.

I made this scrapbook page with a few basic shots of one of the villages. When walking the narrow streets of Europe, always look up. That is where the beauty lies, at least for me

Friday, May 26, 2017

Beginning with the end

I never do things in the proper order. Actually, I am trying to figure out how post on my blog and upload photos from my iPad. This is the final photo from the final bus ride back to our ship. According to iphone, this was taken in Bunyola, Spain. The editing was minimal, using the tools from the photo album app.
                                                                  Good-bye, Spain!

Old blog recovered

I found my old blog. The url is nancooks because it started as a cooking blog. Then became nanknits as my knitting hobby bloomed. When that ended and I began digital scrapbooking, I changed it to NanKnits but the Url stayed same. Yesterday I started a new blog, which I posted on FB. Now that blog seems to default over here.  Whatever. So I will move forward with this one. I guess. So just gollow whatever link I post on FB when I do a blog entry.

For now, here is a link to my post on my other blog.
Editing Begins